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Dig out the gold from your data

Add the analytical view on your CRM, SCM, Call center, web-shop, Risk management system and turn it into business value.

Get in control of your data

Make your data easily accessible and structured using a flexible and well tested architecture. Get started faster and get through faster: Reduce resource consumption by using standard building blocks.

Insight and overview

Establish KPIs, collect information in dashboards and visualizations, dig into details, act.


Keep your internet and intranet, your workflow, your portal, electronic document management system or other SharePoint based solutions up to date.

Big data

Exploit the potential in Social Data, Internet of Things and other unstructured data sources.

Stability and agility in operations

Let us care for your SharePoint and Business Intelligence solution with a well defined Service Level Agreement (SLA) and access to possibly the most caring people available.

EXASOL og Yellowfin indgår partnerskab

Det strategiske partnerskab vil hjælpe Yellowfin med at udvide deres forretning i Europa, hvor EXASOL har hovedkontor. Til gengæld hjælper Yellowfins amerikanske rødder EXASOL med at udvide sig yderligere til de nordamerikanske og APAC-markeder.
Ved at kombinere Yellowfin med EXASOL-databasen har brugerne fordel af en opsætning, der leverer analyser i realtid fra flere datakilder på et sted, der hurtigt kan skaleres. Yellowfin og EXASOL kan også behandle og rapportere på de store mængder data, virksomhederne i dag kræver.

Intelligent information usage

At Viteco, to augment business execution by tapping into data, runs deep in our DNA. We have been working with both Business Intelligence and Microsoft SharePoint for several decades. We believe the combination of the two; open up the potential to put in play the knowledge gained from data in and around a business in a new way, integrated and easy to implement and use.

We bring overview and detailed insights into our client’s performance and development, both internally and in relation to their surroundings. This bring them in a position to act and position themselves in their markets and optimize their resource allocation and usage. We bring this to life by incorporating information into workflows, intranet solutions and visualizations to transform the information into business value.

Our software offerings

Below is an overview of the software and technologies we use to create great results for you in a cost effective way.

Master Data Management (MDM) • Data Integration (ETL) • Big Data • Spark • Hadoop • NOSql • Enterprise Service Bus • Data Quality

Dashboards • Analysis • Visualization • Reports • Embedded • Social • Cloud Business Intelligence

Analytics Platform • High Performance Database • Big Data • Hadoop • MPP • SMP • Vectorwise • Vortex • Matrix

Warehouse Suite • Data Warehouse • Structured Data • Data Overview • Data Warehouse Automation

Workflow • Portal • Intranet • Web • Sharepoint online • Office 365 • Business Intelligence • Electronic Document Management

Cloud computing • Internet of Things (IoT) • Data Analytics • Machine Learning

Microsoft Business Intelligence • Power BI • Excel • Powerview • Powerpivot • Microsoft SQL server • Analysis Services • Data Quality Services

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