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Partners wanted for Viteco Data Suite

We, at Viteco, are looking for partners to sell and use Viteco Data Suite in their offerings.

Viteco Data Suite is a Data Warehouse Automation suite that will make it possible for you as a provider of data warehouse and business intelligence solutions to deliver faster, at a high quality and at a lower price.

  • You become more competitive by offering high quality solutions at a lower price
  • No need to invent the wheel at every new project
  • No monkey work – the simple tasks are automated, so that you can focus your expertise on the complex business transformations and rule implementation.
  • A standardized way of building the solutions, reduces dependency of specific developers
  • Documentation built into the process, and shared between advanced users and developers to make sure it is updated. No tedious, unnecessary documentation.
  • You make good money selling our product

Why become a partner?

See our partners as a valued extension of our organization, and you should experience a closer relationship with us that many other providers.

  • Viteco Data Suite is aggressively prices, making it very attractive to your prospect clients – thereby making you attractive
  • Subscription based pricing – you get provision every year you renew the product at a client
  • Your input from using the product is the main driver of our product development
  • Become part of a community


Viteco offer education and certification in Viteco Data Suite. During a three day course you will learn the architecture and documentation driven method behind, how to set up the Data Suite, and get training in using the modules. The training course cost EUR 1.500 + VAT per person.

Viteco also provides marketing collateral for you to use.

Among the organizations who base their data warehouse solution on Viteco Data Suite is The Municipality of Copenhagen, Vestforbrænding (Denmarks largest waste management company) and The Danish Growth Fond.

Get in touch to hear more about our reward models and get a personal impression of who we are.

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